Ways to Find Good Lotion for Your Baby

Finding good lotion for your baby is fun time to be in. Your baby is growing up and your learning how to take care of them. Atleast, your learning some way to take care of them. In any event, you made it this far with your baby and now it is time for you to learn how to find lotion. The first step, is to go into any store and find the best baby lotion on the shelf. Take your time and look. This is not a race, so don’t feel bad about spending 30 minutes looking in CVS store like me. After, make sure the lotion is what your looking for and head on home. If that didn’t answer your lotion finding problem, than read a more detailed explanation below. I will tell you how to found lotion and you will know next time.

Make Sure You Can Afford It

Can you afford to buy this lotion? That is a question I ask myself from time to time when I am out buying things I want. Can I afford to buy this or do I really need to bring this home? Look at your bank account and see how you would feel if you spent 10 to 20 bucks on some baby lotion. If you would feel heart broken, then it is safe to say you can’t afford it. But, if you feel that your pockets look good even though you spent 20 more dollars, then go get yourself some baby lotion and leave it at that. Once you make the decision, don’t second chance yourself. I often do that sometimes when I am shopping for things for my baby. Stop doing that and make a decision to buy or not buy things. There comes a time when your too old for that. Make sure you can afford it and stop thinking on it.

Buy Lotion That Fit Baby’s Skin

Each baby has different skin types. We are not all born with the same skin type. Some of use have oily skin and others have sensitive skin. Then, there are the ones who have skin type involving both. Found out what your baby’s skin type is first, so you can get then a lotion that close fits their skin. Those types of lotions help your child exceed beyond the levels of regular soap. Enhancing baby’s smooth skin, color palatte, and skin protection. Every baby needs the best baby lotion that money can buy in the skin type that fits them. Using the wrong one can cause the baby to have more problems and may prevent them from having soft skin that you like touching uncontrollably. It can take more time than you imagine to find the skin type that fits. Some babies don’t have reaction until weeks later. So, buy different batches of baby lotion skin types and see what one causes baby to have problems for a month. A month should be enough time to determine what skin type lotion works best.

Use Lotion That Holds in Water

Very important, to use lotion that holds water in the skin. Lotion that does not hold water in skin causes cracks, flakes, and makes the skin feel rough. Babies are not suppose to have rough skin. So, take a good look at the lotion bottle you buy and make sure it has water sealing qualities. Fortunately, there is a thing called a receipt for lotion products. If you buy any lotion product that does not make your child’s skin look soft for long time as described, please do yourself a favor and return the item for a full refund. Return anything that claims to have moisture in it but don’t also. Your money is valuable and you should do everything in your power to make sure your products work like you paid them to do.


Choosing the best body lotion for babies


Last week we were featured on the Wedding Lovely blog. If you are interested to read a little more about Studio SloMo, go take a look.


Last month we (me, my husband and all of this stuff) made the trek up to New York for the National Stationer Show. Here is a picture of our booth ready for par can targeting and product arranging. The only thing missing is our booth number, which went up the next day in our lovely pink accent color. What do you think?


Happy Fat Tuesday! We’re very excited over here because as you can see our  new website is finally live. It has only taken about 1.5 year from start to finish. Kind of silly when you think about it. Anyway, now it’s time to eat some cake!


Let me just lay it out there: I ran short on time. Way short, and all the photos of recipes and travel tips and other good stuff I planned to share with you over the next two weeks are still sitting on my computer, instead of ready in pre-scheduled posts, while I sneak off on a great adventure. Sorry to leave you guys hanging like that, but it’ll be completely quiet here for a bit. I’m feeling a little guilty about going dark, but I’m also excited to cut loose, let everyday responsibilities go, and take a much-needed break from it all across the world. Plus, I can assure you I’ll have plenty to make up for the quiet around here soon. Besides vacation style and travel diaries from Greece and Turkey to come, Perpetually Chic is getting a BIG makeover! This has been in process for over a year, and we’re in the final stages now, so I can’t wait to unveil a better place to call my online home to you very soon. Until then, here’s a peek at what’s in my bag for our trip and be sure to follow our travels on Instagram!


We definitely have an affinity for industrial machines over here at Studio SloMo. This one drills perfect little holes for all of the wedding invitation tags we’ve been doing lately.


Spring time means flowers right? Lately, I’ve had the pleasure of creating for the same weddings on multiple fronts. Invites and flowers. Not a bad way to pass the time really… Although I would never have that opportunity with out Rosehip Flora. Thank you, Erin.


Well, it is definitely spring in Austin, Texas. Our neighborhood has been overrun by SXSW craziness and biking is the only way to travel. Above is a little make shift piece of art I made and proudly display above my new desk. Overprints are the best. I’ve said that before, right?

By the way… we moved into a new studio last month! I’ll post more on that later.

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Here is a snapshot of progress in an attempt to mitigate the piles. You can see more of the above card here. I’m very ready for a break. For me, this time of year is best for hanging out with family and collecting my thoughts on this past year as well as what I hope for in the year to come. Don’t you think?


Tidbit for the day: It seems like every surface in the studio is covered with some kind of stack. Maybe it is just the time of year, but we are constantly at war with “the stack.”