Ways to Find Good Lotion for Your Baby

Finding good lotion for your baby is fun time to be in. Your baby is growing up and your learning how to take care of them. Atleast, your learning some way to take care of them. In any event, you


Last week we were featured on the Wedding Lovely blog. If you are interested to read a little more about Studio SloMo, go take a look.


Last month we (me, my husband and all of this stuff) made the trek up to New York for the National Stationer Show. Here is a picture of our booth ready for par can targeting and product arranging. The only


Happy Fat Tuesday! We’re very excited over here because as you can see our  new website is finally live. It has only taken about 1.5 year from start to finish. Kind of silly when you think about it. Anyway, now


Let me just lay it out there: I ran short on time. Way short, and all the photos of recipes and travel tips and other good stuff I planned to share with you over the next two weeks are still


We definitely have an affinity for industrial machines over here at Studio SloMo. This one drills perfect little holes for all of the wedding invitation tags we’ve been doing lately.


Spring time means flowers right? Lately, I’ve had the pleasure of creating for the same weddings on multiple fronts. Invites and flowers. Not a bad way to pass the time really… Although I would never have that opportunity with out Rosehip Flora. Thank


Well, it is definitely spring in Austin, Texas. Our neighborhood has been overrun by SXSW craziness and biking is the only way to travel. Above is a little make shift piece of art I made and proudly display above my


Here is a snapshot of progress in an attempt to mitigate the piles. You can see more of the above card here. I’m very ready for a break. For me, this time of year is best for hanging out with family


Tidbit for the day: It seems like every surface in the studio is covered with some kind of stack. Maybe it is just the time of year, but we are constantly at war with “the stack.”