Let me just lay it out there: I ran short on time. Way short, and all the photos of recipes and travel tips and other good stuff I planned to share with you over the next two weeks are still sitting on my computer, instead of ready in pre-scheduled posts, while I sneak off on a great adventure. Sorry to leave you guys hanging like that, but it’ll be completely quiet here for a bit. I’m feeling a little guilty about going dark, but I’m also excited to cut loose, let everyday responsibilities go, and take a much-needed break from it all across the world. Plus, I can assure you I’ll have plenty to make up for the quiet around here soon. Besides vacation style and travel diaries from Greece and Turkey to come, Perpetually Chic is getting a BIG makeover! This has been in process for over a year, and we’re in the final stages now, so I can’t wait to unveil a better place to call my online home to you very soon. Until then, here’s a peek at what’s in my bag for our trip and be sure to follow our travels on Instagram!